Product Overview


All Purpose ORGANIC Pelleted Fertilizer

Global Harvest Organics ® OMRI certified All Purpose Pelleted ORGANIC Fertilizer is designed for fast, easy, safe, and accurate use in agricultural applications. This fertilizer is suitable for large scale crop farming or a small garden in your back yard.


Coming Soon: ORGANIC Coco Peat Soil Amender

Organic Coco Peat Soil Amender (also known as coco coir) is used to keep your soil loose and aerated as well as adding organic matter to your soil composition. It works great in building clay and sandy soils into good soil mediums.


Pelleted ORGANIC Soil Rejuvenator

Pelleted ORGANIC Soil Rejuvenator
This COMPLETE Formula is made with BIOCHAR. We believe this is one of the best organic soil amending products on the market to date. Ingredients include biochar, poultry litter, ancient volcanic rock dust and beneficial microbes. It is pelleted for easy application.


Pelleted Biochar with beneficial microbes

Pelleted Biochar with beneficial microbes

This soil amender is an excellent “BASE” product for your garden. It consists of biochar, a small amount of wheat flour which acts as a binder and beneficial microbes.

Azomite 44 lb bag graphic

Azomite Trace Minerals

AZOMITE® is a highly mineralized volcanic rock mined from an ancient mineral deposit in Utah (USA) that typically contains a broad spectrum of over 70 minerals and trace elements, distinct from any mineral deposit in the world.

custom hay pellets

Custom Feed/Hay Pellets

In need of custom pelleted feed products? Look no further! We offer our clients the opportunity to create custom blends of raw materials that meet their specific needs. Custom packaging? We do that, too!

Benefits of Organic Living

Protect Water Quality
Reduce Air Pollution
Reduce Soil Erosion
Improve Soil Fertility
Maintain Biological Systems
Produce Quality Foods