Product Overview

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All Purpose ORGANIC Pelleted Fertilizer

Global Harvest Organics ® All Purpose Pelleted Fertilizer is designed for fast, easy, safe, and accurate use in agricultural applications. It contains all 13 of the essential nutrients that plants need. This fertilizer has a well rounded NPK ratio (4-3-3) which makes it suitable for large scale crop farming or a small garden in your back yard. It is derived from all organic ingredients including turkey litter and a dense nutrient-rich rock dust formula that includes over 67 trace minerals and elements making it a wonderful fertilizer and soil amendment.


Coming in 2016: 100% Organic Premium Coco Peat Soil Amender

Organic Coco Peat Soil Amender (also known as coco coir) is used to keep your soil loose and aerated as well as adding organic matter to your soil composition. It works great in building clay and sandy soils into good soil mediums.
Coco Peat is a waste product obtained during the extraction of coir fiber from the coconut husk. Coco Peat is very light, highly compressible and readily absorbs and retains moisture. It is comprised of 100% organic material. All of these factors make it perfect for horticultural applications. It replaces peat moss, perlite, and rock wool.

Benefits of Organic Living

Protect Water Quality
Reduce Air Pollution
Reduce Soil Erosion
Improve Soil Fertility
Maintain Biological Systems
Produce Quality Foods